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“I don’t feel like it.”

The below info & writing is drawn from the following article by the CollegeInfoGeek.

How often do you face the prospect of finishing an assignment or studying for a test, only to give up and say, “Eh, I just don’t feel like it right now.”

This feeling of de-motivation is common to all students and anyone who does creative or brain-intensive work for a living. Heck, I’d venture to say that everyone falls into this mindset at least once in a while. Here’s the thing, though:

“Not feeling like it” doesn’t actually change your options. Even if you don’t feel like doing something, you can still do it. It simply takes grit – mental toughness – to get yourself through those de-motivating feelings.

A few inspirational strategies (that writers, weightlifters, and all sorts of other badasses use to get difficult work done consistently) from the CollegeInfoGeek’s video…

  • don’t give yourself an excuse to not do your work
  • make a schedule & stick to it
  • say “I’m going to do it”
  • give yourself permission to create imperfect work
  • learn one thing, just start, you don’t have to get it all done

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Top 5: Ways to De-Stress For Midterms.

 1) Get Out and Get Moving!
Exams can block your drive to keep moving, so you should try to get at least 20 minutes of exercise daily. This will make you feel better and help you be more focused.

2) Nap Time
Getting some sleep isn’t a bad idea; quality sleep rather than the quantity of sleep is the goal. If you have to re-read the same line 6 times before understanding it while studying, you need to get some rest. Sleep is important, rest up!

Try to avoid the temptation to snack on junk food because you don’t want to stop studying. Eating healthy will make you feel better, lessen your stress and keep your stomach feeling fuller longer so you can concentrate.

4) Shower or Take a Bubble Bath
Warm water is a great way to relax tense muscles and allow the stress of the day to just wash away. Try some lavender scented bath salts or some Epsom salts to get you feeling real reeelllllaxed.

5) Grab Some and Friends Just Dance
This one is cheesy but just try it: if there is a point where you just can’t concentrate anymore, put your favorite song on and just dance! It will make you feel fun and happy. Spending time with friends is also important, whatever you decide to do together!





Top 5 Things To Do in Waterloo this weekend.


KW Polar Plunge for KidsAbility
January 24th

Donate & watch fellow students jump into a freezing cold pool for the annual KW Polar Plunge for KidsAbility!


The Brush OFF
January 24th

The Brush Off is 1 night – 20 Artists – 4 rounds / A night of Art with a competitive spin on live painting / Your vote determines who advances and who wins / Revel in the creativity displayed by the artists and maybe even dance to the tunes being blasted over the speakers.


January 23th
7:00 PM
Tannery Event Centre

FLASH is a community-based initiative to celebrate and elevate the art and science of photography in Waterloo Region, through events, public displays and visits from world-class practitioners. Through cutting-edge technology and collaborative spirit, FLASH seeks to tap the potential in each of us to make a great image.


Shake N’ Skate 2015
75 King Street S, Waterloo, OM
February 7th

Get your groove on in the rink this winter/ Skate to live spinning beats / Two different DJs perform in Waterloo Public Square / Free Hot Chocolate & give-aways / Don’t miss a beat!

Stay Warm!

Support our local bands at our pubs, enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee and get lost in a good book! Waterloo has some great pubs & cafes to explore! Check out DVLB, Seven Shores Cafe and Cafe 22 to start! Abe Erb, The Duke and Failte can finish your evening!

Going home for the holidays?

Protect your home.

Crime Prevention in University Areas
Protect Yourself from Break and Enters

The Waterloo Regional Police Service is offering the following tips and strategies to proactively reduce the chances of Break and Enters during the Holiday Break.  Working together we can reduce crime and enhance safety.

1. Make sure to keep your doors locked even when at home.

2. Keep expensive items in a secure place or take them with you.

3. Communicate your schedules with your roommates and make an effort to lock the door each time you leave your residence.

4. Do not give out access codes for your building to anyone and do not buzz in anyone you do not know. When entering the main door ensure the door closes and refuse entry to anyone who has not used the keypad code to open the door.

5. Report any suspicious activity to the Police by either calling 519-653-7700 or 9-1-1 for emergencies.

BREAK & ENTER: Do you know this person?

Incident #: WA14270946
Publish Date: Dec 17, 2014
Incident Date: Nov 28, 2014
Location: REGINA ST N, WATERLOO, ON Canada

Waterloo Regional Police continue to investigate a number of residential break and enters in the area of Regina St. North and University Avenue in Waterloo and are appealing to the community for help in identifying the male seen in these photos. The male is described as dark skinned, 18-25 years, 5’8″ to 5’11″, black hair and beard and wears large eye glasses. In these incidents, the alleged thief entered through unlocked doors and removed property, mostly electronics. Police are reminding residents to ensure their doors are locked when not supervised.

Anyone with information about the pictured male, is asked to call
North Division at 519 650 8500 ext. 6340
or make an anonymous tip via Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

Should I stay or should I go?

Should I stay or should I go?

In September, you moved in.

In October and November, you settled in…

Now it’s December and you probably feel more at home than ever in your student rental – but will you be staying another year?

It’s getting close to crunch time! By December 15th you will have told us whether or not you are terminating or renewing your lease.


We’ll miss you!! Wishing you the best with ALL your future endeavours!


If you wish to stay (yay!) send in all your information before the 15th to qualify for the corresponding renewal promos at your building! Ask a Domus rep for more details
















Stay warm, put on winter tires, and have lots and lots of soup and hot chocolate!

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