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DTK Volleyball Tournament. Domus Team wins 1st for a 3rd time in a row!

The DTK Volleyball tournament was held on Saturday MARCH 14th & it included 22 teams! This was the 3rd time the Domus team has won the coveted “DTK Investors Group Cup”.  Every March the tournament supports a local KW family. This year, we supported the education of two young girls in kw. their mother was named Sarah, who used to play volleyball in the area, and died during childbirth in 2008 leaving behind a newborn daughter, a 2-year old daughter and their father. we’re glad to be part of such a touching, and fun event. #community

Feature: Check out a budget friendly 4-bdrm option on Elgin! Close to WLU, close to Uptown.

Ladies & Gentlemen, we introduce to you 154 Elgin Unit B.
Available May 2014. 4 bedrooms, so we’re in search of 4 friends.
At only $345, this is a reallllll budget friendly option tucked in a nice little nook in between WLU and Uptown Waterloo. $345 + $50 utility package (including heat, water, hydro) = $395. Check it out today! Book a tour 1-855-MY-DOMUS


52 High Street: Hidden Gem still available for May 2014!

Flexible Lease Options & PROMOTIONS:
May start, 12-month lease $565 x 4 with 1 Month Free!
Sept start, 12-month lease $575 x 4 with 1 Month Free!
May start, 16-month lease $565 x 4 with 2 Months Free! = $495 over the 16 months!

Absolutely stunning! This double-level, 4 bedroom unit will impress! Newly renovated, this unit features ceramic and laminate flooring, all new windows/doors, dark kitchen finishes, and 4 great sized-bedrooms. Lots of common space, a huge backyard, and free parking! Call today for a tour! 1-855-MY-DOMUS

Flood Warning in Waterloo Region.

ATTN Tenants! 
Region of Waterloo is under a Flood Warning today because of all the rain, snow and slush! If you are at HOME for Reading Week, we ask that you email us (fix@domushousing.com) permission to enter your home in the next few days to perform inspections for flooding basements. It is our attempt to minimize any damage that could occur while you are gone. If you are in Waterloo at your rented Domus house and are experiencing emergency flooding please call our maintenance department 519-342-0608 x103. Over the weekend, any emergency flooding calls, call Mike from our Maintenance Team directly at 519-404-9466!
Thank You!

Snow, snow & more snow!

Lots of SNOW out there, folks! Along with some much appreciated sun today!

If you live in a DOMUS HOUSE, Domus shovels your city sidewalks & a path to the front door for postal reasons. You as tenants are responsible for your driveway! I

If you live in a DOMUS APARTMENT, we shovel the sidewalks and clear the parking lot. Get in the know about your responsibilites by referring to your lease & reading about this nifty student guide overview on the City of Waterloo website. Happy Snowman building! (Hey, it’s a good study break!)

Please be advised that all maintenance standards are based on post-event operations (i.e., after a snowfall or ice storm has ended). At all times we do our best to clear snow quickly. Many factors, including temperature, forecasts, and precipitation determine how/when snow removal takes place.

The Cities Guide to “How you can help” when there is lots of snowfall:

  • Do not park on the street during a snowstorm or while snow-clearing operations are underway
  • Clear snow away from fire hydrants
  • Pile all snow from your driveway and sidewalks on your property, not on the road
  • Remind children not to climb or play in snow banks
  • On your garbage day, place garbage and recycling containers close to the road edge but in your driveway so they do not interfere with snow removal
  • Drive smart – give yourself extra time and distance
  • Give plows plenty of room and remember they may need to back up
  • When approaching a plow, keep your headlights on and stay to the right
  • Please be patient while you wait for plows to get to your street

Visit us at UW in the SLC today & Win a DormEssentials Soft Furniture Package!

We’re on UW Campus today, as part of the UW Housing Fair 2014!
Come chat with a Domus Leasing Specialist to learn all about the #perfectplace to call home! We can tell you all about HOUSES and APARTMENTS that could be yours this May or September 2014!

Why else visit us? Two reasons…


THANKS to Domino’s KW for kindly supporting us and
Dorm Essentials for partnering with us to give our tenants awesome
all-inclusive furnished services!

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