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Movies in the Park this week in Waterloo!

Because Everything is Awesome!

All you need is a cozy blanket, chair and maybe some snacks for LEGO MOVIE this Thursday July 24th, Movie in the Park!

The Details:

  • Music starts at 7:30pm
  • Movie begins at dusk
  • Check out the vendors on location
  • Events will be cancelled in inclement weather, but rescheduled for a later date at The Princess Twin Cinemas!


ATTN: Email Virus to be ignored!

If you have been inconvenienced/affected by an email virus sent out from one of our Domus emails, we apologize. The virus email looks like this one below, but could have a number of names attached to it such as “Kelly Assinck”, “Caroline Nowlan”, “Christian Thompson”, etc.


THANK YOU for your patience, while we work with our IT dept to correct this issue moving forward.
- The Domus Team


Today is the day to VOTE.

THE PROVINCIAL ELECTION is here. Are you going to VOTE? 

You have a say. Interested in voting in the provincial election today but don’t know who to vote for? Check out CBC’s Vote Compass!

The vote compass is a survey that consists of a few steps. The first step is answering questions on a rating based system. Then, on a scale from 1 to 10 you rate the importance of the topics from the previous step. Next, they ask you what you already know or think you know about the four parties. Then finally after some demographic questions they will give you results on how you fit in the political landscape and how much you agree with each party.

If you don’t have time for the vote compass or just want a short summary of all the parties running and their stand on major topics, check out this article comparing and contrasting each party and their platforms. (Note: the green party is not in the comparison.) 

Finally after learning about all the parties, you can register to vote!

Register here:

Find out where you can vote here:

Decorating 101 with 4rent.ca…

Read more about our spread in 4rent.ca here about Decorating 101:
  • know the rules before making any changes
  • consider using a rental room planning site
  • the bed is the pivotal piece of the bedroom
  • invest in accent pieces
  • consider curtains to add a homey feel
  • ask mom what laundry detergent she uses
  • don’t forget photos





I’m new to Waterloo, what do I do?

Between classes, tutorials, work, sports, and any other activity you engage in, it can be difficult to find time for fun. The Waterloo region is home to so many great things to do and we here at Domus wanted to share some fun suggestions to help you make the most of your summer:
Adventure Rooms Canada: If you want a fun, indoor activity to do with friends, give Adventure Rooms a try. Rated as the number one activity in the region, this game allows you to problem solve, test your skills, and bond with your group. Super unique and always a lot of fun! Since it is an indoor venue, you can book ahead and play rain or shine.
St. Jacob’s Farmer’s Market: People come from all over to partake in our awesome Farmer’s Market. Super accessible to students, you can take a bus right from Conestoga Mall and get the freshest produce at the best prices. So many hand-made crafts and delicious food, what’s not to love? While you’re in the area, Tearney, our leasing agent, highly suggests Jack’s where they make a fantastic breakfast because they knock it out of the park from fresh fruit, to bacon, to waffles and everything delicious inbettween, make sure to check it out!
Chainsaw: If you’re looking for some nighttime shinanigans, Chainsaw is our choice for a great night out. Right in uptown Waterloo, Chainsaw is a kareoke bar where you can hear singers of every level belting it out to ‘Sweet Caroline’, and a cheering crowd singing along to all the classic favorites. Our staff love to get together and sing the night away! Make sure to catch Chainsaw for Toonie Tuesday if you’re looking for a fun and affordable night out.
Princess Cinema’s: A fun alternative to those large movie theaters, Princess Cinema’s offers a great selection of indie films for all you culture buffs, as well as the latest flicks. Super great for a date night or just a way to spend a rainy day.
Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory: If you want a unique experience with nature, make sure to check out the Butterfly conservatory. This indoor exhibition offers a stunning display of hundreds of butterflies and birds all in a warm, tropical setting. Don’t forget your camera!
 Kitchener’s Victoria Park: The best way to make use of your summer is to spend as much time as you can outdoors. Victoria Park is a great place to take a long stroll, have a picnic, feed the fish, etc. Not to mention the awesome events that take place (like really cool cultural festivals!) anytime of the year, you do not want to miss it.
When in doubt, check out NEW TO WATERLOO on Pinterest to be inspired!

DTK Volleyball Tournament. Domus Team wins 1st for a 3rd time in a row!

The DTK Volleyball tournament was held on Saturday MARCH 14th & it included 22 teams! This was the 3rd time the Domus team has won the coveted “DTK Investors Group Cup”.  Every March the tournament supports a local KW family. This year, we supported the education of two young girls in kw. their mother was named Sarah, who used to play volleyball in the area, and died during childbirth in 2008 leaving behind a newborn daughter, a 2-year old daughter and their father. we’re glad to be part of such a touching, and fun event. #community

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