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Year 1 is over, now it's time to find off-campus housing in Waterloo
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So, you made it though your first year in school and you know campus like the back of your hand, but do you know where the nearest grocery store is? You're about to move into off-campus housing in Waterloo and you don't know anything about the city that you've lived in for a year. You need to take a deep breath and look around. If you know where the essential services are, like the utility company, police station and the best place to get a pizza, that's great. You think you are ready for Waterloo and off-campus housing? If the answer is, "Yes!" then let Domus Housing help you find the perfect place for you. We know you don't want the hassle of looking all over the city, but need off campus housing in Waterloo. Off-campus housing is our specialty at Domus!

Domus can help you make those hard decisions about housing

Now you need to find the perfect off campus housing in Waterloo for you and/or your roommates. It is entirely possible to live alone in Waterloo off-campus housing and some people prefer it that way, but it is typically more economically friendly to have a roommate or three. No matter what type of living arrangements or offcampus housing in Waterloo you prefer, we can help you make it happen. We have a great selection of off campus housing in our Waterloo based rental company. Domus Housing has been dealing with student housing needs for over six years and we have become quite good at meeting the needs of our clients. You will not be disappointed in our selection of off campus housing in the Waterloo areas around campus and you will love our competitive prices and the amenities that we offer.

The right neighborhood is exactly what we can help you find

You have choices if you decide to go with Domus Housing. If you want a neighborhood that is within walking distance to campus, we can do that. If you would like to live a few miles away from campus, we can do that too. We have studio off campus housing in Waterloo neighborhoods all over the city and some living quarters that can have multiple occupants. It can be a bit cheaper if you have a few roommates to help split the costs of your rent and utilities. Please feel free to contact us on our Rental Hotline @ 519-572-0278 to learn more about all of our off-campus housing in the Waterloo area. We are a very popular company that offers great deals on Waterloo off-campus housing so don't delay and contact us today.