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Ok, so you have survived a whole year living in a student residence and it's time to move on. The odds are that you have either had a great experience and are sad it is coming to an end, or you can't get out of residence fast enough. Your view on your living situation over the past year comes down to one thing: your roommates. After first year when students begin to consider student apartments for the next year they generally fall into one of two categories:

  • If you were lucky enough to have great roommates during your time in residence, then the odds are you have developed a friendship and are considering moving in together off campus.
  • If you had the unfortunate experience of living with someone annoying, then you are looking for new roommates and a student apartment at the same time.

Worrying about not only who you are going to live with and where you are going to live is a lot to manage, considering the exams and essays you have to worry about.

Property management companies are particularly effective for helps groups of students find off campus housing. Whether it is two bedrooms or an entire house they will be able to find housing options that meet the needs and standards for each roommate. However, to improve the effectiveness of the service provided by a property management company, roommates should discuss:

  • Rent: Roommates must come to a consensus on how much each person is willing to pay. This will make it easier for a property management company to narrow the search and offer housing options within each student's budget.

  • Other Living Costs: Students also have to consider all the other costs associated with living expenses. Discuss how much each roommate is willing to spend on utilities, cable, internet and any other costs that are specific to your situation.

Being able to provide the above information to a student focused property management company will enable them to help students more effectively and will speed up the application process.

Before moving in with your new roommates it is also a good idea to develop house rules. Consider drafting an agreement with your roommates that out any concerns regarding your living situation.

  • Rooms: Determining who gets what room is probably one of the first decisions that must be made. Naturally some rooms will be more appealing or larger than others; therefore, you have to come to an agreement about adjusting the rent to reflect the room each person is occupying.

  • Chores: No one wants to live in a dirty house. Consider developing a cleaning schedule and assigning duties. Agreeing on chores prior to moving in is a great way to avoid unnecessary issues and tension.

  • Quiet/Study time: If you have multiple roommates the odds are your place will tend to be noisy. Therefore, come to an agreement about when the house must be quiet and suitable for studying.

  • Summer months and sublet: Roommates should also think ahead and consider what they are planning to do during the summer months. If you are planning on subletting consider allow your roommates to have some input into who will be occupying your room when you are not there.

Finding student apartments with multiple roommates can be a daunting task. One of the best options for students in this situation is to enlist the services of a property management company to help find a student apartment that will meet the needs of each roommate. This will save you time and ensure you secure a place you can enjoy with your roommates.