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University Housing in Waterloo: Questions to Consider

If you are attending a post secondary institution in the Waterloo area you need to familiarize yourself with the surrounding area and identify the best location to search for university Waterloo housing. Where you live is dependent on if you attend:

  • The University of Waterloo

  • Wilfred Laurier University

  • Conestoga College

Naturally, students want to find housing that is located near their school. However, there are instances when students are not satisfied with their options. The advantageous part of having more than one post secondary institution within the city you attend school is that is creates more student housing options. Many students don't think to look for housing near Laurier University or Conestoga College when enrolling at the University of Waterloo.

Students don't have to live within the University of Waterloo student housing areas because that's where they are enrolled. Many settle for housing that is below their expectations. If you are willing to live a little further away from campus to find a more suitable housing situation than consider looking in Laurier and Conestoga housing areas. This will broaden your search and create more options.

Student housing property management companies are a great option for students in this situation, especially considering it is of no cost to the students seeking housing. They have the ability to select housing options from multiple areas within the Waterloo area, regardless of what school they attend.

To effectively utilize the services offered by property management companies, students should ask themselves the following questions to refine their search for student housing:

  • What is the range of rent I want to pay? What is the maximum amount of rent I am willing to pay on a monthly basis?

  • How many roommates do I want to live with? Am I searching for housing with these roommates? What are their deal breakers when seeking housing?

  • How important is location? Is living close to campus a key consideration? Do I want to live close a retail district? Do I want to live in a relatively quiet area?

  • What are the specific features of a housing situation that must be included? What features do not matter? What is the most important feature that will make or break your decision?

  • Am I going to sublet during the summer months? Do I plan to stay in Waterloo over the summer? If I am going to sublet, how am I going to find the person to rent my room? Do I need permission from my landlord?

  • How long to I plan to live in a potential location? Is it a year by year thing, or do I plan to live in one place while completing my degree?

  • How much time do I have to view potential housing options? When can I view them?

Considering these questions prior to enlisting the services of a student focused property management company will not only improve the process, but will also improve your odds of finding a living situation that meet all of your expectations.