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Waterloo Off Campus Housing: The Cost of Living Off Campus

There is no way to determine exactly how much it is going to cost you to live off campus. What you expect to pay for living expenses during school is dependant on many variables. These variables (rent, utilities, etc.) also fluctuate based on the city where you attend school. Researching this information is also time consuming. As a result, many students that attend a post secondary institution in the Waterloo area enlist the services of a student housing property management company to take the guess work out of the equation. Using property management services to find student housing is an effective and useful method to not only find a place, but develop an understanding of the costs associated with Waterloo off campus housing.

There are two main cost categories for students to consider when living off campus: Housing and Living costs, and Personal costs:

Housing and Living Costs

Housing and living costs make up the bulk of a student's budget when living off campus. A student housing property management company can help students find a student residence that meets their requirements and fits within their budget. The following are estimated costs for students to consider when seeking Waterloo off campus housing:

  • Rent: Students in the Waterloo area can expect to pay anywhere from $450-600 per month. Rates will vary based on the condition, location, and included amenities of a unit.

    Note: Students also need to consider the amount of rent they can expect if they decide to sublet their room during the summer.

  • Utilities: If you decide upon housing that is not all inclusive, students can expect to pay roughly $45-65 per month for electricity, heat, and hydro.

  • Cable/Internet/Phone: The best approach is to bundle all three together with one company to receive the bundle discount (a 10-15% savings). Be sure to account for installation fees as well. Separately students can expect to pay:
    Cable: $50-100 depending on the package selected
    Internet: $35-75 depending on the connection speed
    Phone: A minimum of $30 and up depending on if you select a land line or cell phone.

  • Note: The cost of living often goes down as the number of resident's increases. Living with a few roommates is an effective way to keep costs down. Waterloo off campus housing is a great way to save money even in your first year of university.

Personal Costs

Personal costs tend to be variable costs and tend to fluctuate based on the location of a student's housing choice. For example, students that live close to campus and pubs will have to spend less on transportation, while students that live close to a grocery store will spend less on take out. Another key consideration is laundry. Having laundry included in the rent, or even having laundry facilities onsite will save students both time and money. And, of course there is the all important "entertainment" costs. Don't forget to factor in some extra cash to relax and relieve some stress on the weekend.

Estimating the cost of living off campus in a city they you do not know well is not easy. To get an effective estimate about how much you should be paying, consider using a student focused property management company to help you find a place that fits your budget. They will save you time, effort, and ensure you have an effective understanding of personal, housing, and living expenses.