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Waterloo Student Rentals: Property Management versus Landlords

Finding student housing that meets your needs is no easy task. When students embark on their journey to find a place to live after first year they have two main options: search on their own or enlist the services of a property management company. When students search on their own they have to not only identify the best sources to look for housing, they also have to negotiate with landlords and handle all the application details. However, if they decide to use a property management service, all of the above is taken care of for the student. The following outlines why dealing with landlords is not always the best option and how property management companies are the best option for Waterloo student rentals.

When it comes to landlords, there are good ones and bad ones. However, it the case of student housing, it seems like there are way more stories about bad landlord experiences. Naturally, landlords want you to rent their properties. Therefore, it is very unlikely they will help you out with other housing options if you don't like what they have to offer.

In most cases, landlords rent properties on the side. They have a full time job and are busy with other things. Therefore, they are often not as responsive as many tenants would like. They also tend to be reluctant to fix things because the money is coming directly out of their pocket. Some landlords act unprofessionally by being pushy and try to intimidate their tenants. This is not a situation any student wants to deal with.

To avoid having to deal with a potentially bad landlord, many students are now using property management companies. Property management takes the landlord out of the equation. They are the link between landlords and students and handle all housing related issues for both parties. They ensure both sides are satisfied with their situation. The best this is that using a property management company does not cost students anything. Considering they will help you with your search, provide a number of viable options, and take the hassle out of looking for accommodations they are the best option for students.

Additionally, the many property management companies provide students with:

  • Information about housing areas within a particular city

  • Can offer insights into housing situations in other cities

  • A standardized process for seeking student housing

  • Options for all types of students

  • Help narrowing their search to meet their specific needs

  • Professional and timely service at all times

  • Help with the application process

  • Around the clock service for tenants

  • Property maintenance services (i.e. lawn care and snow removal) included in the rent

The overwhelming majority of students that use property management companies are satisfied with their professional and friendly service. Property management companies have a reputation to uphold and as a result, ensure each one of their tenants is treated with respect and receives due diligence when making requests. Domus takes care of Waterloo student rentals, take a look at a wide variety of properties available in our waterloo off campus housing search.